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FLORIAN HAIR = Atmosphere + professionalism + freedom

This phrase initiated a relaxed and easy conversation with the owner of the salon FLORIAN HAIR, Jan Florian.

The world of fashion and prestigious hairdressing opened up for Jan in 1996, when he left for Sydney and started to work in professional salons. During his seven-year stay in Australia he exchanged several employers. The most inspiring and often the most controversial salons were crucial for him. An essential turning point in his career development was a one-year contract in the Noddy's on King (New Town), where he had the opportunity of cooperation with a very gifted hairdresser Shane Henning, who became the Australian hairdresser of the year. Inspiration and craving for improvement resulted in a two-year cooperation with a prestigious hairdresser Michael Wolf, whose salon is very well known in Sydney for an avant-garde perfectionist funky style.

The weight of these adjectives is also certified by the patronage of MICHAEL WOLF HAIR SALON over HAIR AND BEAUTY EXPO in Sydney. Besides these key locations, Jan was a hairdresser for the MILLENIUM today „Head over heals“ and „S & G head“, the biggest REDKEN salon in Australia.
„A crucial thing for a hairdresser is to be able to empathize with his/her customer and attend to him/her as one would attend to himself. It is not the task of a client to know how she/he should have his hair cut, that is the task of the hairdresser. The hairdresser must feel what type of hair she/he is working with and what type and haircut he will choose.”That is how Jan answers the question about what is crucial in his profession, and he adds: “Of course, communication is important, particularly before the cutting itself.” When a client enters the salon, I try to perceive him/her as a whole. I focus on his/her behavior, moves and general look.

Gestures and body language also indicate a lot. At present, the work team of FLORIAN HAIR totals six professional hairdressers. A common professional factor is a perfect haircut technique and a very good knowledge of used products of Alterna, Tigi and Redken. Thus created haircuts excel in simplicity, precision and freshness.

„The selection of a right product for a right type of hair is also important for the styling itself. We mostly use the products of Tigi styling comprising of a set BED HEAD (funky set) and CATWALK. Styling products have often a great impact on the final visual impression. However, we should not force unnecessarily overpriced products upon the client.” „My profession is art and the work with a new client is always a unique experience.”