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The owner of the hair parlor FLORIAN HAIR
Jan Florian is an open, tolerant and energetic young man,
who likes to create beautiful hairstyles, can work with colors
like a magician and he expresses joy of his work.
Without any doubt, he is a hairdresser by all his soul.
Hairdressing in his opinion is an art and
a way of never-ending improvement!
He supports his employees in FLORIAN HAIR
especially in creativity and free expression of style.

He enjoys creative freedom in his word, the result being
a more beautiful and self-consciousness woman.
“I think that the first change and creating of a new style
is one of the activities that come most natural to me.”

Regularly attends meetings of top hairdressing and seminars.
In July he acquired degrees Award at the TONI & GUY Academy in London,
in November he is leaving there again for an inspiration.

At some meetings he performs and teaches.


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Josef Honner began in the area of
hairdressing in 1996 in České Budějovice.

In 2000, he started working in Prague-based salons.
He he has been working in FLORIAN HAIR since
its establishment in 2002.

Josef loves curly hair, likes to work under pressure
because then his work is perfect.

Josef’s advantage is mainly rapid, fast and
effective work. He likes colors, fast effective
cuts for practical and sexy hairstyles.



"I believe there is a Goddess in each woman!"

New in Florian Hair from 2016.
Before he worked in Pierot studio in Bratislava for 4 years.

Expert for hair extension and thickening.
Fashion techniques of colouring (balayage, ombre).
Perfect hair blowing.

He is mad about luxury waves, learning new things, following trends and pushing his limits.


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Jakub Krejcu
in FLORIAN HAIR since 2004
3 years worked as an assistant Honza Florian
3rd year at SOU advanced to the finals Wella Junior Cup in 2007.


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Master hairdresser

Iveta Hrdličková came to us from The Redken salon
and she belongs to the top also at the FLORIAN HAIR salon.
Her great talent are thorough sophisticated ladies haircuts,
creative coloring techniques, and beautiful evening
and formal hairdos with an edge.
Iveta also holds certification as a men's styles trainer
so also gentlemen are in her good hands.