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The owner of the hair parlor FLORIAN HAIR
Jan Florian is an open, tolerant and energetic young man,
who likes to create beautiful hairstyles, can work with colors
like a magician and he expresses joy of his work.
Without any doubt, he is a hairdresser by all his soul.
Hairdressing in his opinion is an art and
a way of never-ending improvement!
He supports his employees in FLORIAN HAIR
especially in creativity and free expression of style.

He enjoys creative freedom in his word, the result being
a more beautiful and self-consciousness woman.
“I think that the first change and creating of a new style
is one of the activities that come most natural to me.”

Regularly attends meetings of top hairdressing and seminars.
In July he acquired degrees Award at the TONI & GUY Academy in London,
in November he is leaving there again for an inspiration.

At some meetings he performs and teaches.